IACO : governance and organs


IACO is headed by the Secretary General (SG) who is appointed by the Assembly from a member states who implements the coffee policy put in place by the General Assembly as well as the decisions taken by the Board of Directors.

The Secretary General is assisted in his duty by two Technical Directors for Economic Studies and Research and Development and the General Services.

Names Members Observations
Annual General Assembly

The 25 Member States

Highest Authrity.Meets once a year in the presence of at least one delegate from each Member State. It can also meet in extraordinary sessions.

Board of Directors

The Chair, the Vice -Chair and 7 elected Directors among the Member States currently are : (Angola, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Côte d’Ivoire, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania)

Its role is to follow up the implementation of the decisons of the Assembly by the Secretariat and submit related recommendations:

-adopt and monitor the execution of the budget ;

-adopt the activities of the Secretariat, the Technical Committies, policy matters that require the decisions of the General Assembly.

Finance Committee

Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya, Uganda, DR Congo

Responsible for monitoring the finance of the organization: the budget, the accounts, Member States contributions.

Consultative Group

The 25 Member States

It makes recommendations to the General Assembly on negotiations at international level

Promotion and Sales Coordinating Committee

The 25 Member States

It reviews coffee market situation and coffee marketing

Production Committee

The 25 Member States

It elaborates coffee production policies and quality improvement and makes decisions of ACRN coordination Committee