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the Nairobi Declaration

Nairobi Declaration 2019
The 2019 Annual Meetings of the Inter-African Coffee Organization (IACO) including African Coffee Research Network (ACRN) Biennial General Assembly, the 7th African Coffee Symposium and IACO 59th General Assembly, were held in Nairobi, Kenya, from 25 to 29 November 2019 under the Chairmanship of His Excellency Mr. MWANGI KIUNJURI, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Kenya. During these Meetings, several documents and reports on different issues of the coffee value chain were presented and discussed. In addition to the key reports presented by the Secretariat at IACO and ACRN General Assemblies, the issues raised and discussed during the Symposium focused on:
• The current state of coffee trade in Africa: the prospects under the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) for African entrepreneurs;
• African Producers Organisations, challenges and opportunities under the AfCFTA;
• Entrepreneurial coffee initiatives to take advantage of the AfCFTA;
• The political imperatives for building the capacity of the African coffee industry to effectively benefit from the AfCFTA:
• Coffee and Health.
The General Assembly first welcomed the signing of the AfCFTA by all African states and urged them to complete the ratification process for its quick implementation and,
In addition,
➢ Given the impact of prolonged periods of low-price levels on coffee producers worldwide, particularly in Africa were the sector is already declining in many countries;
➢ Considering the limited financial, technical and technological capacity of African coffee stakeholders;
➢ Noting the low rate of intra-African trade, about 16%;
➢ Taking note of the upcoming free trade agreement;
➢ Considering the lack of accurate data related to coffee industry in Africa.
The General Assembly made the following recommendations:
1. Build resilience in the sector by promoting local processing and consumption;
2. Establish a rapid implementation of the free trade agreement to increase coffee trade flow between exporting and importing African countries;
3. Create conditions for profitable and resilient coffee Industry in Africa;
4. Create an enabling environment for coffee industrial machinery and equipment;
5. Create conditions for access to affordable finance for coffee industry
6. Facilitate the collection of relevant data from all African coffee stakeholders.
Nairobi, 29th November 2019